About Us

Accountancy Seekers Limited is a team of Professional Accountant London with proficiency in account management and a vision to maintain your financial records with efficiency and efficacy. We have operated in the UK, London region since 2013, and throughout the past seven years, our core values have remained the same. We never compromise on the quality of work and always convey clients with accurate accounting services. Moreover, for a better approach, we partner with various third-party accounting and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers to run their business smoothly and overlap technology with our traditional bookkeeping consulting services. Whether you are looking for a Payroll Management software or casual accounts management for your personal use, our team will guide you through the financial wilderness and add value to the customer’s proposition. Personal communication with our customers is the heart of the services we offer. Our goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date accounting policies and financial standards, along with state-of-the-art technologies for maximum competency in our service offerings.

Accounting Consultancy Services

Whether it’s accounting, tax, payroll, or self-assessment, we have professionals who have prior expertise in financial management and dealing with large financial datasets. Moreover, our experts recommend solutions that serve as value-additions to your existing business.

Transparent and Accurate Results

Accountancy Seekers Limited guarantees all of their clients’ vibrant growth in their business values, with no misplacement in financial statements if they follow their working plans and strategies.

Positive Response to Customer’s Queries

We are the only finance and management accounting services in Battersea town to maintain a transparent pricing structure and do not require additional charges. We keep customer vulnerabilities to a minimum and follow a transparent communication structure.

Clustered Services

Accountancy Seekers Limited is offering an all-in-one service under one platform. We aim to provide finance and accounting services, hire professional accountant for Payroll management, Self-Assessment, and Tax Assessment under financial accountants and experts’ supervision. Our financial consultants have a wealth of experience and expertise in ensuring your account books are managed effectively.