Where is Accountancy Seekers Limited based? When did it start?

Accountancy Seekers Limited was initiated in the year 2013 in London, UK, with a vision to assist people with accurate and proficient account management, payroll management consultancy, and personal self-assessment.

Does Accountancy Seekers Limited provide any guarantees? If yes, then what are their core guarantees?

Yes, Accountancy Seekers Limited offers a ‘Zero Penalty Guarantee’, and if you are applicable, then we are required to pay it. It’s on us to file your tax returns and ensure compliance before the deadline.

Can the managers of Accountancy Seekers Limited replace my finance department?

Yes, Accountancy Seekers Limited can serve as a third-party finance manager which includes your bookkeeping details, payroll, VAT, and yearly financial statements along with self-assessment. We are liable to provide you with tax assistance in UK if needed.

What is the required time duration if I file myself with HMRC after initiating Trading?

It is mandatory to notify HMRC within the three months to avoid any additional penalty charges which are equal to £100. In case you are meeting the deadline and haven’t paid yet, then get it in our record, and we will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Is it essential to have a physical meeting during the signing up process?

No, it is our core vision to offer services electronically, so you don’t have to come and visit us for the registration process; instead, you can do all the proceedings online.

If I request a quote, what information is required to process it?

We conduct an initial assessment before providing you with a quote. The details include examining bookkeeping records, audit reports, and an additional copy of your last financial statement. Please drop a message, and we’ll assist however we can.

Is Accountancy Seekers Limited registered with recent regulatory and accounting industry changes?

Of course, we are regularly updating our policies and services with CPD and fulfilling all the requirements for the regulatory bodies, such as ICAEW.

How much qualified is the whole team of Accountancy Seekers Limited?

Accountancy Seekers Limited is a team of professionals having a degree in ACCA, CIMA & ACA. The whole team has practical expertise in understanding customer’s information regarding accounting and giving them a productive solution.

Does the physical location of my business matter?

No, the physical location of your business doesn’t matter. What matters is the information you are providing to us, and that it is accurate.

Will I be charged if I ask for an initial consultation?

No, you won’t be charged for any initiation consolation regarding the service. Our initial consultation services are complimentary and free of charge.

What are the active hours of Accountancy Seekers Limited to deal with customer’s queries?

Accountancy Seekers Limited is available 24/7 hours a day for accounting consultancy services.

Can I speak to my Accountant whenever I feel vague or confused regarding any service?

Once you confirm to avail of services from our platform, an accountant is assigned to you, with whom you can ask for all of your queries and will get an instant response.

Are you up to date with the recent technology and standards for financial account management?

Yes, we are a team of accountant complaints and updated on state-of-the-art technologies and strategies, with expertise in professionally managing your financial accounts.