Sample and will be modify any time

Policy Documentation

We shall arrange for the insurance policy, a certificate of insurance and if applicable any placing slip of cover note to be issued to you as soon as is practicable, where an insurer has approved issuing a policy to you. You must retain copies of all policy documentation as this will be required to administer your policy and process any claims

Your Right to Change Your Mind (Life Insurance Only)

In accordance with SAMA of Insurer’s guidance on cooling off, you have a right to cancel any life insurance policy which you have taken out through us, during the applicable cooling-off period. We will notify you of this cooling off-period and the applicable process at the time of placing your policy through us.

Customers placing general insurance policies do not have a cooling off period.


(a) the first three months’ premiums are payable in full on the specified due date to us by credit card through our website; and

(b) thereafter, premiums are payable monthly on the monthly due date by direct debit to the insurer.

We will not accept payment by any other method unless mutually agreed to by us and you.

No policy is issued until the insurer notifies you that they have issued a policy to you. If the insurer declines to accept your application, any premium refund will, where possible, be refunded to the same card that made the payment.

We shall endeavour to ensure that the pricing, terms of policy and other information on our website in respect of policies are accurate, reliable and up to date, but we do not guarantee their accuracy, completeness or reliability. The actual premium payable in respect of a policy and the terms of a policy and other information shall be such premium, terms and other information as the applicable insurer notifies to you, when they accept your application.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the information posted on our website and the premium, policy terms and other information that the insurer notifies to you, then provided that you notify us of the same within 21 days, we shall at your request arrange for the insurer to cancel your policy and refund your premium. If you do not cancel the policy, then any additional premium specified by the insurer is payable. We shall notify you the amount and method of such payment and you shall pay such additional premium within the specified timeframe.

We will notify you the method for payment of endorsements or renewals and the dates on which they are due.

If any policies contain premium payment warranties or premium payment conditions, we will notify you, explain to you how to comply with them, when they need to be complied with. Failure to comply with a premium payment warranty or condition could lead to the insurer cancelling your policy.

Payment Terms

We will inform you of the cost of your insurance policies and our charges prior to the conclusion of contract or before you become liable to pay them, whichever comes first. Where we do not know them in advance we will tell you how they are to be calculated.

You agree to pay all premiums plus any premium payment tax, government levy or similar tax, duty or stamp in full before the due date stipulated for the applicable policy, renewal or endorsement.

Premiums for policies are immediately payable in full on their specified due date (or on their monthly due date for premiums specified to be payable monthly).

Premiums for general insurance policies are, unless other specified, directly payable to us by credit card through our website.

Premiums for life insurance policies are, unless otherwise specified, payable as follows

Any insurance premium payment VAT, government levy or similar tax, duty or stamp shall be payable in addition to your premium. We shall notify you in advance if this is applicable


We shall treat all information which you pass to us as private and confidential and will only disclose such information for the purpose of negotiating, maintaining or renewing the insurance which we have been instructed to place, unless you have consented otherwise.

Disclosure may also be made to our external auditor and our regulator to fulfil their regulatory functions or where we are otherwise legally obliged to disclose the information.

Each of us shall comply with the Personal Data (Privacy)


Our complaints procedure is available on request. All complaints should be addressed to our contact details set out above in the Information about Us section of these Terms of Business.

If we are unable to settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to: